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(81) 2007 AirLink PinPoint C3316-S Wireless Modems (Sprint) w/ GPS

AirLink PinPoint CDMA 1XRTT Wireless Cell-Cellular TCP/IP Data Radio Modem Mobile Communications Devices with GPS Capabilities. Includes: (8) Quad Band Antennas; (2) Bags of assorted wires/cables. Provides data over wireless network, PPP connection, or as raw serial data stream. As a standalone in-vehicle device, it enables AVL, fleet management and dispatch applications. Its serial and digital interfaces enable other applications to communicate over CDMA/1XRTT networks.
Location: SeattleWA  Map to Region

Item: 46756-1
Asking Price: $6,000.00

Contact: Andrew Hayes
Tel: 516-345-6302

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